Her Lipstick On Your Face


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Why does my brain always beat me up when everyone is asleep, so i have no one to talk to and give me a cuddle?!

I just need someone to talk to, but I don’t feel like I could talk about this stuff with my close friends. 

EDIT: i just told one of my mates i was upset and she called me a tool and told me to hug a teddy…. thanks MATE! so now i feel more alone then ever. 

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If being in a relationship

Means you end up acting like some of the people around me do, then it is safe to say I NEVER want to be in one.

It’s pathetic!

Maybe I’m just the type of girl that is meant to stay single and become obsessed with furthering myself within my profession. 

I guess I’ll just have to get a some more cats to keep me company. How many cats do you have to have before your considered a ‘Cat Lady’ ? 

I already have 2.

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